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How can the DALL-E 3 Image Generator revolutionize the field of visual arts?

Experiment: DALL-E 3 Image generator

In this experiment I use DALL-E 3 in ChatGPT.

Follow along with the prompts and my observations.

Original image

About the artwork

Medium: Mixed (mostly acrylic and charcoal)

Story: This is a painting of my son as he walks through his school, West End State School in Brisbane, Australia or Meanjin (on Turrbal and Jagera people land). In the foreground is the ghost like appearance of a fig tree. This represents the large fig tree (Ficus sp.) that was planted in the school's courtyard well before World War II and sadly (for the school community) was damaged beyond saving in a lighting strike in November 2014.

In the background, and the direction my son is walking towards, is a younger tree. These have bene recently planted as a part of the expansion of the school in 2022.

The school values are painted on the steps that he is likely to walk up.

Obviously this is symbolic of a a young person journey towards the future and instilled with the values of the school.

"This artwork is rich in symbolism, encapsulating the journey of a young person towards an unknown future, armed with the values instilled by their educational journey. The contrast between the ghostly fig tree and the youthful tree in the background serves as a powerful metaphor for the passage of time and the cycle of life and learning. It's a visual narrative that celebrates heritage, acknowledges loss, and embraces growth, all woven into the experience of a child taking confident steps forward".

Read the full ChatGPT Artist Statement here


Image uploaded

AI first pass, provides the following text description of the image.



So I ask AI: 'change the image so that it looks like it was painted in the surrealist style'




So AI tell me to make the prompt more detailed and we include Salvador Dali in the prompt.


So I ask the AI to: 'change the image so that it is painted in the style of Australia's foremost surrealist painter and poet, James Gleeson'


So AI tell me to make the prompt more detailed.


  • New words are created



So I ask AI to 'change the image so that it is painted by a 9 year old school boy in Australia'



So I ask AI to 'change the image so that it painted by artificial intelligence'



So I ask the AI to 'change the image so that it is super realistic and photographic in style'



So I asked AI to change the image to be in the style of well, me, e.g. Anitza Geneve. But at this stage I don't exist in the ChatGPT database.

So it asks me to describe my style and I give it these key words 'surreal, indigenous, muted and bright, dreamlike' and it produces this image.

At this stage this final image is nothing like I would have imagined and feel this experiment sends me back to the drawing board for better prompts or better AI.

So one last prompt


So AI change the painting to be in a modern, hyper realistic style with surrealist elements such as swirling ghost like smoke chasing the character


Let's proceed to create this visually striking image.

See the entire chat


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