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As a digital and mixed media artist, my multidisciplinary work draws on both technology and more traditional mediums.  
My life experience, including a background in continental philosophy, influences the themes I explore but in most, they have to do with the human condition and technology.
My work is a reflection of my passion for art and creativity (e.g. playful explorations) and my desire to contribute to the ongoing conversation about what it means to be human in today's world.

The Story

Dr Anitza Geneve explores her creative practice through various mediums including painting, drawing, computer-generated, interactive media and the written form. Often works are created by combining the different approaches and assets. She has been a part-time practising artist for over three decades.

With formal qualifications in multimedia and digital video, she was a teacher in both the vocational and university sectors both in Australia and internationally for most of the 2000s (yes when Facebook and YouTube were invented). She herself, studied with Antony Gormley and Jean Baudrillard as a part of her studies with the European Graduate School.

Her key digital work is  'Author Unknown', a work that spans several decades starting in 1994 and continuing through to today.


'Author Unknown' delves deep into the intersection of technology and narrative, offering a poignant exploration of a woman's life and the intricate process of storytelling itself being impacted by the digital tools and technology that captures the story. Through innovative use of digital media, Dr. Geneve invites viewers to contemplate the profound impact of technology on our identities, relationships, and the very essence of storytelling itself. Dr. Geneve's visionary work challenges us to reconsider the ways in which we engage with technology, inviting us to question, reflect, and ultimately, connect with the narratives that shape our world.

Author Unknown (2004) was last exhibited in 2007 in Canada, almost 20 years ago. Dr Geneve is currently working on 'Author Unknown (2024) which incorporates the impact of social media and a growing prevalence of artificial intelligence (AI). Read more about 'Author Unknown'.

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